Wednesday April 23, 2014

CarePro Personal Care Aide Certification


Course Description:
The student will learn the foundations for care, including an understanding of client rights, laws and regulations, ethics, and terminology. The student will be guided through the basics of the human needs, body systems, and common communicable and chronic diseases. The course also includes basic first aid training as well as skills training in aspects of personal care, such as assistance with daily living tasks and skin care. Stress and workload management skills are also taught.

Clock hours for this program: 40

Text / Materials:
Recommended: Mosby’s Textbook for the Home Care Aide, Joan M. Birchenall, RN, Med, and Eileen Streight, RN, BNS. ISBN-13: 978-0323016568

Schedule / Calendar:
Students direct their own progress through the course and progress through the course one lesson at a time, completing assignments as indicated before progressing to the next lesson.

Students must complete a quiz at the end of each module with a score of at least 80% (retakes are allowed). At the end of the course students must pass a final test over all course content by a minimum score of 80%. Students are allowed 2 retakes on the final test. Students should anticipate spending at least 1 to 2 hours on each lesson, and additional time (optional) exploring supplemental information.

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